Onsmo LumiPocket RGB (NEW)

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Onsmo LumiPocket RGB is the latest pocket size LED introduced by Onsmo Lighting Malaysia. This new LED is the latest technology that is sought after by videographers and photographers.

With its handy small palm size, cinematographers and photographers can slot this light into their bag or even pockets in their travelling assignment.



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The key feature of this Onsmo LumiPocket RGB

  • – 360 Color Hue Effect
  • 2500 to 7000k Tungsten to Daylight Effect (Seamless)
  • 7 Special effects (ambulance/police, strobes, and 7color slow rotation)
  • Metal aluminium casing robust
  • 10W Full Power
  • One 3.5mm thread for universal mounting
  • Safety feature of auto cut off when overheat
  • Directly charging using USB-C cable
  • Onsmo LumiPocket RGB Lithium (Built-in 1800mHa , 2 hours working time)



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