Porta 60

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The Onsmo Porta 60 is a new revolutionary modifier suitable for both photographers and videographers. It is the combination between a softbox and a beauty dish all in one. Porta 60 comes in octogonal shape design with 8 metal rods. It works as a small size softbox and also beauty dish, when the metal plate is mounted on.

The Porta 60 is easily auto snapped into shape and dismantle without having to remove the metal rods. The modifier comes with 3 types of variation, 1 layers of outer diffusion, and 1 white metal dish, as well as the grid.

The inner wall of the Porta 60 is made of white strong elastic fabric, that gives out ultra soft effect when the light source from the strobe or flash or LED hits the surface. By adding the cloth grid, light spills can be greatly controlled giving the focused light that is needed to create your dramatic effects.

Recommended for professional cinematographers and portrait photographers for indoor and outdoor. The advantage of this softbox is extremely light weight.


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Extreme light weight­ dual purpose softbox for outdoor and indoor usage

  • 8 metal rod design
  • Water resistant ultra white internal fabric
  • Easy snap open and close mechanism
  • 3 in 1 functions
  • Comes with 1 layer UV outer diffusing layers, 1 metal white dish with holding rods, and grid
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Dimensions
  • 60cm diameter from corner of edge to edge
  • 54cm diameter from flat sides
  • 24cm deep from inside till out
  • Weight – 0.78kg


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